Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Money stuff

My girls are only 8 and 10, but they have picked up on the fact that our country is in a bit of a money problem right now. I'm trying to make the most of this "teachable moment" without scaring them to death. We've talked about debt, about people getting in over their heads, about the government's role in the economy, fun stuff. They've also seen some of it play out here in our home and in our family's business. We added credit card processing to our business last year, as a method of payment, because so many people really rely on credit to pay for just about everything. It's a nice option to offer, and has perhaps led a few people to choose us for their business, so I'm glad that we did, and, like everything else, the girls asked questions about it as they saw me setting it up on our website. I think this is my favorite part of homeschooling, as well as the part that scares me the most - they see everything I do!!! It definitely challenges me to try my best to do it all the right way, without regrets.....

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