Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I'm really not a complete sheltering my kids kind of mom... I let them climb tall trees, play sports, watch the news (with me only though, so we can talk it through), have friends, just do lots of stuff. I look at homeschooling as a chance to prepare them rather than solely protect them. As they get older we shift more and more from protecting to preparing... But I do worry. I worry about the "today" that they're growing up in. I worry that they are growing up familiar with terms like "compromising photos", "school shootings","private drug rehab", and those much more intense. I applaud that we are talking about hard things, and not just brushing them under the carpet, but it makes me sad that some of the hard things have been trivialized to pop news....

Okay enough deep thinking for tonight :). My brain is ready to shift gears to the mindless activites that occur after kids' bedtimes: folding laundry, watching a non-animated tv show, balancing the checkbook (maybe I should save that one till the morning :).)