Saturday, April 19, 2008

A great kiddo art resource!

Anyone who knows me well knows that arts and crafts are not a strong point for me, at least not coming up with the ideas.... BUT I just finished teaching an art class that was really fun, and pretty successful I think! :)

The Book Discovering Great Artists, by MaryAnn F. Kohl and Kim Solga, is a book that I just have to brag on. I checked it out of the local library and just gobbled it up. It goes through great artists from the 1200s up through recent days, gives you a snippet to learn and teach about the artist, talks about their style of work, gives you a project in that same "flavor", and even lists out materials to use that most likely are already in your kitchen or closets. There is even a website by the publisher with supplemental materials (

Ok, gotta run and enjoy a non-rainy day, but wanted to throw out that very very good resource for homeschooling, fillling in the blanks for art, or just rainy day fun. Enjoy!

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