Friday, April 18, 2008

Summer Safety

Before we moved, I ran a day care out of our home for quite a few years, nine I think - I've blocked it out :). (Just kidding, they were good years!) I was always so glad to see the warm weather come, but also nervous about all of the "dangers" of being outside so much. You can stress everyone out if you think on all of these things constantly, but it's good to do a quick refresher on summer safety right about now...

Here are a few good websites that I found to get your mind "tuned up" and ready to try to be on the safe side with your kiddos. and for your pets...

It's also not a bad idea to call up your local Red Cross, YMCA, or Continuing Ed. Dept. to see if they are offering a First Aid and CPR class. It is so much less scary (for both you and your child)when your child does get hurt if you have some training as to what to do!

When reading this, you might think that my kids are in bubbles, and that safety is always on the forefront. Well, you don't know me... My kids are probably the dirtiest and most banged up kids on the block, but they're also probably having the most fun. By doing quick safety checks now, and just being alert of all this good stuff, I can relax and let them enjoy, well, making mudpies, climbing trees, and being kids.

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