Monday, July 14, 2008

Teaching kids about money

My husband and I have walked a hard financial journey. We bottomed out a few years back, and took some to recover financially. We still don't have strong savings, and with the one real breadwinner piece, it's hard to really get ahead. I wish that when we were both working part time we had done better at planning for our financial futures.

I want my girls to make wiser financial choices in their futures, and I know, like anything else, training will be easier when they are younger. We've done some training. They get $1 a week in a "paycheck" for completing their assigned chores, plus the possibility of a little extra for extras sometimes. When they get paid, they have envelopes to put 10% in savings and 10% for tithe. We talk about money stuff, in a good way, around them.

I am excited that in our homeschool co-op in the fall, a few of the moms will be presenting a class for the kids up over 3rd grade on money management. It's something I think I'd like to sit in on. Never too late to learn....

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