Wednesday, July 30, 2008


One of the major tools that has been invaluable to me in our homeschooling adventure is the internet. I sign on so many times each day to get materials for school, to look something up, for an "object lesson", or just to have fun with the kids.

Lately we've been into watching video clips, and I like to be right there beside the kiddos when they do, partly because they're usually quite funny, and partly because there's a lot of not so great stuff posted that I don't want them looking at.

I was excited to hear about a new video upload site, Viddiction. It's the same general idea as some of the established sites, but it has some fun twists. On Viddiction there is more of a focus on individual, rather than corporate or big name submissions. There are also some fun networking opportunities on this site, as well as contests where they offer cash for videos, including regular monthly ones where they give away up to $500!! Right now I'm cheering for a little clip with two kittens playing hide and seek - it's cute, and it's one that I can watch my young children :). Take a peek...

So log on, check it out, sign up, vote for your favorites, and have some fun on a rainy day!

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