Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Summertime Learning

This is the first summer that we haven't had any formal learning planned since we started this homeschool adventure. Other years we've picked one "extra", like music appreciation, and plugged through that in the summer. This year my one kiddo is finishing up some leftover workbook stuff on her own, but that's it. I feel like a negligent homeschooler. We have no big field trips to reenactments or museums planned. We're just playing. Well, and I'm working a lot on the computer. But that's good, right? Everyone's brain needs a break sometimes!! And you know what? I think I might implode if I tried to add one more thing to my plate right now, so play kiddos, play!! Hopefully by the time September rolls around I'll be more organized :). I can hope!!


melissa said...

I just finished up my first year of homeschooling, in May. We start back again in September. I have read several homeschoolers blogs, and alot of them say they dont usually take a vacation. This surprises me. I guess I just feel everyone needs a break. I dont think you are neglecting your homeschooling, just enjoying your summer, like a regular school would.

Sassy Mama Bear said...

We always take a summer break but not near as long as the school system. In fact we will be starting up next year. My oldest is 16 now, we started when he started 1st grade....amazing somedays to think we've made it this long.
Enjoy your break, we try to schedule a few throughout the year, THOUGH I believe learning never truly stops!