Sunday, August 3, 2008

Teachable moments with the Jonas Brothers

My daughters and I attended our first big concert together last night - The Jonas Brothers. I wasn't super excited to be the mommy chaperone, but it ended up being a really nice time. We went with another mom and kids, the girls had a blast, and we had some really good conversation on the way home, late late at night. We talked about how hard it must be to stay humble when you've got the lifestyle that these boys do. We talked about how it's very cool that all three boys wear purity rings and have made committments to behave themselves. We talked about what they might be doing for church the next day. Just neat little snippets of thinking that were a little different from the "You're so hot!" stuff that was screamed out behind us at the concert. No doubt my girls think these guys are very cute and all, but it was neat to hear that they realize that they are also just regular kids, with some of the same struggles as them.

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